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The manufacturing process for Woven Patches and Badges is perfectly suited for reproducing all of the fine details and intricacies of very detailed logos, text and images. Backing options are priced separately.

Almar Recognition

Woven Patches & Badges

Woven Patches & Badges

Advantages of Woven Patches & Badges

  • When your artwork, logo, graphics and text are very fine and have a lot of detail.

  • The Woven Process and material allows your Custom Patches and Badges to be very defined and exacting whether large or very small.

  • There is tremendous flexibility in the weave process as the thinner threads provide incredible leves of detai as well as a clean, smooth appearance resembling a printed finished look and style.

  • Woven Patches & Badges are very sleek, streamlined, thin and flexible and attach easily to any garment and clothing material.

Best Quality.   Best Price.   Best Branding.

  • Due to the weaving production process Woven Patches & Badges are more cost effective and easier on your budget

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