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Backing Options for Patches & Badges:


There are many additional product options, attachments and finishes that are available with all of the Almar Recognition product lines.

No Backing:

Embroidered patches & badges can be made with no backing.  Patches & badges without backings do not have the same thickness or stiffness as those with backings which allows them to be light weight, flexible and very easy to sew onto uniforms, clothing and fabrics.


  • Flexible & Light weight

  • Easy to sew onto uniforms, clothing & fabrics

Plastic Backing:

Plastic Backing is very versatile and is one of the more popular backings for embroidered, woven or sublimated patches & badges.  A Plastic backing provides rigidity and support to your patch & badge which allows them to maintain their shape and to remain flat over time with continuous use. The plastic backing is also thin enough that they can be sewn onto uniforms, clothing and fabrics.


  • Adds Extra Support  

  • Keeps shape & stays flat over time  

Heat Seal Backing:

Heat Seal Backings are also commonly referred to as iron-on.  The heat seal backing adds stiffness and durability to patches & badges which allows them to lay flat.  The heat seal backing is most commonly used to safely place the patch on uniform, clothing or fabric before sewing the sewing process begins. If choosing to use the heat seal as the only attachment to clothing it is recommended for use with ceremonial and casual wear and not active practice or training activities. Heat seal does not adhere to any type of fabrics and materials that have been water proofed.


  • More durable  

  • Adheres to fabrics for easier sewing process  


Adhesive Backing:

Applying an adhesive backing onto patches & badges is an easy, convenient and versatile way to apply onto clothing and fabrics and is also removable.  Great for promoting  your logo, brand and message on clothing, hats, backpacks and more.  Keep in mind that even though it is convenient and removable it is not as durable and long lasting as the other backings provide.


  • Easily applied

  • Easily Removed

Velco Backing Options:

Velcro backings are the perfect choice for use in Police, Fire, Military and First Responder Applications as the removal and reapplying of new patches and badges happens frequently. Hook and loop fasteners are available in one or two sided options.

Hook-Sided / One Sided Velcro Backing - For uniforms, clothing or fabrics that already have a loop fastener area, the one sided / hook sided Velcro is the right choice.  This high quality hook and loop design comes with a hook and sew seam to your patch as well as a soft side that is ready to be sewn onto your uniforms or clothing.

Two-Sided Velcro Backing -  For uniforms, clothing or fabrics that do not already have a loop fastener area, the two sided Velcro is the solution as it comes with both the hook and loop fastener sides.  All that remains is for the loop fastener side to be sewn onto uniforms, clothing or fabrics.


  • Attach & Remove as needed

Non-Woven Backing:

The non woven backing is most commonly used for your hand sewn on or applique patches and badges as it offers a little stiffness and stability.  The non woven backing is a great way to finish off your elegant design.


  • Finishes your design  

  • Provides some support & stability  

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