Almar Recognition offers a variety of packaging options for your amazing custom coins, custom medallions and custom lapel pins as this offers a powerful long term branding opportunity for your Organization, Image, Brand and Product.

Almar Recognition

Custom Packaging

Packaging for Challenge Coins.jpg

Packaging adds High Perceived Value!

At Almar Recognition we never forget the importance of packaging as part of the presentation. Dressing up your Custom Coins, Medallions or Lapel Pins adds a very high perceived value and memorability to your amazing brand, product and gift.d.

Whether you choose a PVC Coin Sleeve, Acrylic Coin Capsule, Velvet Pouch, Velvet Hinged Box or Paperboard box the impact will be dramatic and adds power to your long term branding strategy.

Also consider adding a printed card with important and relevant information and details about your Special Custom Coin, Medallion or Lapel Pin.  This creates another incredible layer of raising both brand awareness and brand imaging.

Packaging increases the perceived value of your gift greatly and enhances your Company, Agency, Divisions and Brand.

Best Quality.   Best Price.   Best Branding.